The NPCA War on Scrutiny

David vs. Goliath.

Ali vs. Foreman.

Marvel vs. DC.

Timmies vs. Starbucks.

Quirk vs. the World?

The NPCA has lately been oft embattled. Is it because they are picking fights instead of solving problems?

  • They were asked to do an independent audit. They resisted with all their might.
  • Bill Hodgson was becoming critical of the actions of the authority. He was publicly censured.
  • The public asked the NPCA to support broader environmental protection. The chair made it clear they aren’t a protection agency.
  • People concerned about one of only two large remaining forests in Niagara Falls urban boundary being under threat due to a Chinese backed development in the City asked for the NPCA to share information to help protect the forest and adjacent pollinating meadow. The co-chair of the NPCA used his public facing platforms to try to discredit residents concerned about the Thundering Waters development.
  • Ed Smith – a retired armed serviceperson trying to improve his community through dedicated volunteerism – wrote a comprehensive report connecting a lot of dots of impropriety to one another. They denied it with all their might. They sued him.
  • The NPCA’s lawsuit was ruled to have no merit to proceed. The NPCA dug in as part of their “obligation and duty to protect their reputation.”

    Tony Quirk seems to think he’s Tony Stark and battles reporters, citizens, and critics in his organization’s war on scrutiny

Within moments of a local judge ruling that a letter issued by the agency was like an “Opening Salvo in a war,” Tony Quirk of the NPCA board was engaging in a twitter fight side by side with the official NPCA tweeter. Perhaps the tweeter was one of the new communications people enlisted to replace the environmentalists they’ve been discharging.

If the NPCA has any money left after all the taxpayer dollars they wasted suing Smith – an amount they refuse to disclose – they might want to draft some of the reporters from the Standard who have been doing great work exposing some of the flaws of the NPCA kingdom’s adversarial thinking. Maybe they’ll need to use some of the money from the Department of Defense training happening on NPCA grounds for their war on scrutiny.

Is this thinking unique to the NPCA or does it extend to the various entities and corporations its board members, such as Niagara Falls mayor Jim Diodati- sit on?

If this is the climate within which the disagreement over how to resolve the controversial Thundering Waters development dispute will be resolved then the tri-color bats better head for cover.

There are questions about the Region. There are questions about the NPCA. There are questions about Niagara Falls and the threatened Thundering Waters Forest and pollinator meadow.

Ed asked for a call to accountability not a call to duty – something he knows more about than anybody on the NPCA board.

Are those seeking the truth in the Niagara of 2017 dealing with people clouded by the fog of a meaningless war declared on public criticism?

Most people want answers, not a fight, but most people apparently aren’t like the special brand of people running the NPCA at the moment.

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