Unity Jam Proceeds in Defiance of Court Order

On Saturday, September 26th, musicians Derek Miller, and Phil Davis will headline the 1492 Land Back Lane Unity Jam session at the site formerly known as McKenzie Meadows on unceded Six Nations territory.

In a boisterous announcement on Facebook Live on Saturday night Derek Miller announced the “we won’t tolerate OPP harassment show!”

Derek Miller complained that the OPP had been giving him a hard time but defiantly shared his plan to proceed with the show. He teased the possible appearances of Logan Staats and Layla Black, and that he had been speaking with Juno Award winner Tom Wilson who is sympathetic to the struggle of the Haudenosaunee land defenders.

One Dish, One Mic reached out to Tom Wilson and he issued the following statement:

“We live in a time and a place where we see people trying to make the truth irrelevant. We’re a country where honesty is rewarded with arrest and where history is a one sided story. When we support the truth of our people and lead with the love in our hearts, we have no fear of weak minded laws and the enforcers hired to protect the greed of elected authority”

One Dish, One Mic reached out to Phil Davis on Sunday morning and he confirmed his attendance. We asked him about the personal risk and he said that he had already made a choice that defending Indigenous rights was more important than potentially getting in trouble.

“I activated my activism way back,” Phil Davis said to One Dish, One Mic, “if they want to charge me, go right ahead!”

Phil Davis introduced Tom Wilson recently at Celebration of Nations and shared parts of his personal story. Tom Wilson didn’t find out until he was an adult and an established musician that he was adopted out from his Mohawk community. Phil was one of the first people Tom reached out to to share his revelation.

Phil continued to commend the sacrifice of Skyler Williams and other land defenders fighting for Indigenous rights and sang a song before Tom Wilson’s set.

“I sang that song for Land Back, just to create some enlightenment there, hopefully that will lead to education and empowerment moving forward,” Phil explained, “we get these little glimpses of opportunity, we have to take advantage of it to the best of our ability to promote what’s best for our future generations…there’s things that people have heard for the first time and they are the same age as us, that is by design. It’s about two things: it’s about power and control.”

The musicians who have agreed to put on a show at Land Back Lane hope the message is powerful even if there is a risk of arrest for attendees. Attending the grounds defies a court injunction prohibiting anybody but the developer and their agents from stepping foot on the site. This risk hasn’t deterred people from coming almost every Saturday for the length of the reclamation.

Other rumoured attendees included gifted poet Kahsenniyo. Past attendees include award winning poet Janet Marie Rogers, top 40 performer and promoter Jace Martin, and many more gifted artists.

A lacrosse game and potluck will follow the concert. More information and official announcements from the condemned but determined organizers of #1492LandBackLane can be found on their Facebook page:

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