“No development can proceed along the Haldimand Tract without the consent of the Haudenosaunee”

Six Nations of the Grand, Haudenosaunee Territory – Haudenosaunee Chiefs are announcing details of a moratorium on development on a portion of their territories on a day that marks the 15 year anniversary of the police raid of Kanonhstaton.

This announcement happens in the midst of the 1492 Land Back Lane land reclamation started in summer of 2020 as resistance to the attempted rapid housing development of Mackenzie Meadows, a development the Haudenosaunee leaders have called unlawful.

“Protecting our ways of being for our children and grandchildren is a sacred responsibility that every Haudenosaunee person must uphold,” said Deyohowe:to, Cayuga Snipe Chief, “no one, not Canada, Ontario, and certainly no municipality has any right to interfere in our right to protect the lands and waters that belong to our children.

“Without land to grow as a community, more generations of Haudenosaunee children will suffer the harms of colonialism.”

On April 20th, 2006, Canadian state police officers arrived in vehicles loaded with automatic weapons, were backed up by snipers, but were repelled by Six Nations people.

Confederacy Chiefs had been negotiating into the night at the same time plans were being laid for a 4:30am raid of the peaceful land occupation that was started months earlier by Haudenosaunee women.

Haudenosaunee women have consistently challenged the authority of the Canadian nation state to impose it’s decisions on Six Nations people, and have acted as consistent advocates for protecting land that has been commodified by Western nation states for profit.

“In accordance with our worldview, all matters regarding land are the responsibility of the women. As caretakers and stewards of the land, women play a vital role in governance and decision-making,” said a statement from concerned Haudenosaunee women about injunctions at 1492 Land Back Lane.

Haudenosaunee people have been subject to police raids to attempt to quell sovereignty by the Canadian nation state repeatedly.

In 1924 the Canadian state police locked the traditional Chiefs out of their council house and Canada installed a colonial band council government to attempt to replace the Confederacy. These Chiefs still meet to this day and are the leaders who have consistently pushed back against urban sprawl, and fought for land stewardship in contrast to Ontario government policy that is supporting the rapid development of housing lands on the tract.

In 1959 supporters of the Haudenosaunee Chiefs were repelled by the Canadian state police in an effort to take over the council house.

Most recently the police raided 1492 Land Back Lane – unsuccessfully – on August 5th, 2020, and a police initiated altercation on October 22nd, 2020 across the street from Kanonhstaton led to a several months long blockade of a main thoroughfare that cuts between the reclaimed Haudenosaunee lands.

“They should be looking at their own system, I think it’s time for the OPP to turn around and look at their own people for what they are doing to our people,” Deyohowe:to replied to a question about ongoing police incursions, “the stealing still continues today.”

The full statement issued by Haudenosaunee leadership can be read on the newly launched protectthetract.com.

The Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Tom Wilson – still fighting his arrest for supporting the land defense, Logan Staats, and more artists sympathetic to land defense will hold a virtual concert this Saturday, April 24th, at 2pm to raise awareness and funds for land defenders.


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