Karl Dockstader is a citizen of the very longstanding Oneida Nation and a person who is very grateful to live in the traditional hunting territory of his people. He was born in the territory of the also very longstanding Seneca people, in what has been called for a very short time in history Buffalo, New York, of the recently formed “United States of America” (uh-Mur-ick-uh). Karl now resides only a day’s walk from Buffalo in what is now called Niagara Falls, Ontario, in the even more newly formed “Canada” (Can-uh-duh).

Karl was arrested on September 2nd while he was covering the land reclamation at 1492 Land Back Lane. He was assigned to provide information for his community and embedded himself as a journalist at the encampment to help tell this story. While the OPP was collecting the story to justify his arrest, Karl was collecting information for the story of 1492 Land Back Lane, which he contextualized through speaking of the kwa’y^hneha – the Rabbit Dance.

In the story of the kwa’y^hneha the hunters are out to make a kill to provide for their village. They end up bringing something back that lasts for more than one meal. Canada is still on the hunt though. Please read Kwa’y^hneha – The Rabbit Dance to learn a little bit more about this story.

Read Kwa’y^hneha – The Rabbit Dance at fenfc.org/1492

Karl is passionate about researching the history, philosophy, art, music, botany, ecology, medicine, governance and other ways of the Haudenosaunee people. Part of understanding the legacy of the People of the Longhouse is Karl’s effort to explore how to keep these practices active by living them, applying them and discussing them with his broadcasting bestie Sean on One Dish, One Mic.

Karl Dockstader is a recipient of the 2020 CJF-CBC Indigenous Journalism Fellowship. The award aims to foster better comprehension of Indigenous issues in Canada’s major media and community outlets.

Before Karl’s media and journalism career he was an Executive Chef of multiple establishments, he is an avid supporter of the Friendship Centre movement, and is a leading voice in the ongoing struggle to protect Thundering Waters Forest.

His bylines include CANADALAND, The Eastern Door, The Two Row Times and The Peoples Voice. He is always happy to speak with other media and journalists. If you would like to speak to him, or have an idea that he could pitch to, please contact Karl and he’d be happy to speak with you.

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